Our team of FIT coaches and mentors are educated, experienced and well trained to guide anyone of any age and with any type of challenge through the Effective Mindset Training System. Each of our team members are committed to do whatever is necessary to help you and your family through your challenges and to provide the opportunity to learn, practice, refine and master the 5 SKILLS OF SELF-LEADERSHIP necessary to optimal functioning. 

Core Beliefs & Values
  • Identify, understand and empathize with the perspective and experiences of others

  • Have fun and enjoy the process of learning together

  • Be free to choose what we believe to be true through critical thought

  • Train continually - always improve on the 5 skills

  • Be humble, honest and open about our weaknesses and limitations, strengths and skills

  • Send and receive assertive messages regardless of the behaviors of others

  • Accept ownership and responsibly manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviors

  • Identify and understand our various beliefs, fears, motives, values and desires

  • Consistently maintain self-care and conduct a well-rounded and balanced life

  • Communicate sincerely, genuinely, and honestly

  • Utilize creativity and resourcefulness in problem solving

  • Sacrifice, work hard and take no shortcuts towards long term, sustainable solutions

  • Discern when to give up and let go, when to adjust and adapt and when to keep moving forward

  • Be hopeful, faithful, optimistic and confident

  • Be solution oriented - no blaming, no excuses and no complaining