Since 1998 we have provided an innovative fee-for-service program to thousands of youth, adolescents and parents struggling with severe behavioral challenges

Our team of Advanced Mentors provides mindset training to youth and families in San Diego & Orange County within their homes, schools and communities.

“Together we analyze the PAST and provide coaching in the PRESENT toward better functioning in the FUTURE

For the past 25 years, I have worked diligently to develop a proven method of coaching and mentoring to youth and adults of any demographic. The Effective Mindset Training System offers a simple, easy and practical way to learn more about the factors influencing thought, emotion, desire and action. The main objective of this comprehensive training system is to learn how to activate a calm and assertive approach regardless of circumstance. Everyone struggles at times, and many people lack the skill and willingness to develop and utilize effective solutions, which ultimately causes unnecessary guiltfearstressanger and grief. Through improved critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills, we believe anyone can improve their life and experience more freedom, joy, peace, purpose and overall fulfillment.