Family Coaching

When even one member of a family is struggling with severe adversity, likely all other members are impacted.  What is the typical outcome or pattern for your family?  Does each individual choose to react with aggression, passivity or passive-aggression, or choose to respond with a calm-assertive approach? 

The answer to this question often makes the difference between having a peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling family life or one that is wrought with conflict, avoidance and recurring problems.  All members of a family will eventually experience difficulty either due to natural causes or life’s circumstances, some families struggling more than others.

Ideally all members in the family learn how to critically think through problems and develop the best possible solutions to create the optimum balance between independence and interdependence.  

Accomplishing this involves learning to develop more effective patterns of thought, emotion, desire and action in response to problems, by practicing and refining over time until those skilled are mastered.  Concurrent with skill development, endurance needs to be built in order to strengthen and maintain these patterns individually and relationally. 

Our family coaches are adept at establishing and maintaining a culture of gentleness, mercy, forgiveness, empathy and consideration.  Through the analysis of past and current experiences, our coaches will guide your family through a better understanding of the factors that influence both productive and unproductive individual behavioral and relational patterns. 

Family coaching is typically provided on a weekly basis for 90-120 minutes and provide opportunities for live in the moment training as well as direct teaching.  The ultimate goal is to work towards more productive functioning for family members, even in the most challenging situations.