Benefits to Youth
Learn to initiate and maintain beneficial relationships Cultivate the ability and willingness to overcome barriers
Learn to better manage fear, stress, guilt, anger and grief Develop increased empathy, understanding and consideration for self and others
Learn to balance dependence and interdependence Learn creative and effective problem-solving skills
Develop new interests and hobbies Increase levels of responsibility, respect, resilience and resourcefulness
Improved and consistent self-care patterns Improved ability and willingness to communicate assertively
Benefits to Family
Establish clear roles and responsibilities for each family member Develop a family culture of teamwork
Engage in more effective communication Benefit from improved relationships
Increase in peace, joy, freedom, purpose and contentment Experience a balance between independence and interdependence
Engage in more productive and beneficial resolutions of conflict Establish clear and distinctive boundaries and identities
Decrease unnecessary stress, guilt, grief, anger and fear Learn to play, have fun and enjoy each other
Benefits to Parents
Develop an effective system of discipline, including rules, limits, consequences and rewards Develop effective strategies to promote positive/desirable behavior
Better understand the underlying factors influencing behavior Develop effective strategies to reduce negative/undesirable behavior
Master creative and effective solutions to problems Learn to become more proactive, responsive and less reactive
Facilitate increased responsibility, resourcefulness and resiliency Improve your ability to empower, encourage and edify
Develop clear, realistic and beneficial expectations Learn to better avoid and reduce the negative impact of power struggles