Shane Walton


My senior year at The University of Notre Dame I enrolled in a Psychology class. It was there that I first uncovered that I am the way I am for a reason. That reason was unclear to me until I met James Giantis, the Founder of Families In Training. I not only discovered why I had my firmly entrenched beliefs (some accurate, some inaccurate) but I also discovered the "Why" in all of my behaviors.

The single most profound statement that came across in my 6 years training with James Giantis is: "Every behavior has a goal, it's always to attain a need fulfilling message." This statement helped me to uncover why I had certain beliefs, why I was so competitive (to the point I was no fun to play games with), why I had certain fears, and most importantly the longing to answer why I behave the way I do.

To some the road to discovering these questions are futile. Since joining Families In Training (FIT) I have led many familes and youth to help to uncover and discover the ever escaping "Why."