Brian Archambault


I was 27 when I met James and started training and mentoring with Families-In-Training ("FIT") in 2009. Having built a real estate investment business after graduate school, I had success but I did not always understand many of my thoughts and behavior patterns.


The training with FIT was revolutionary in understanding the how, why, what and where of human behavior. I learned how beliefs drive every thought and behavior, all of which are related to need fulfillment. Furthermore, I learned that unrealistic expectations of self and others always leads to worry, discomfort, guilt, resentment and all of our unproductive behaviors. Understanding that beliefs are the human way of organizing, interpreting and responding to needs, fears and desires revealed the ability to understand and develop control of my thoughts and behaviors at a core level.


The quote "knowledge is power" is everywhere, but I learned that it's not that simple. Knowledge is only powerful if it can be applied. Learning how to apply the EFFECTIVE MINDSET has unlocked a whole new capacity for success, fulfillment and innovation in every aspect of my life - my thoughts, behaviors and goals as well as my marriage, family, friends and all aspects of my work. Since 2009, I have seen the dramatic results and rewards of applying this universal system to an individual, relationship, marriage, family and multiple organizations.