Hello, my name is James Giantis, the founder of Families In Training, Parents In Training, Advanced Mentoring and Organizations In Training. Several years ago, I unintentionally became aware of an existing "gap" in the continuum of services for many youth and families. I had just completed graduate school and began working part time for a social service agency. At this time, I began working with a family as a behavioral aide. This family had struggled through many years of stress, anger, fear, guilt and grief. They had utilized nearly every type of service available to youth and families with challenges, including psychiatrists and psychologists as well as a variety of therapists, residential treatment programs, and psychiatric hospital settings. This family had spent thousands of dollars and, in many ways, was struggling more than ever. 

At this point in my career, I had several years of experience in numerous roles and settings working with youth and parents with severe challenges. I was able to glean from these employment experiences and my own education, and training; I added some creativity, resilience and resourcefulness and naturally designed an advanced method of mentoring for youth and a comprehensive and practical method of helping parents and families learn to think, feel and behave more productively as individuals and within their relationships.

Through this process of coaching and mentoring the children and parents, I was able to garner tremendous live-in-the-moment experience on how to not only effectively manage severe behavioral "problems" but also to effectively teach the mentee or parent to think and act in a more productive manner. 

Since then, I have spent tens of thousands of hours developing the Effective Mindset Training System. This system, which also involves the use of a variety of workbooks and easy-to-use worksheets, significantly aids the trainees in learning the 5 skills necessary to function to one's potential. 

This robust and highly effective system is comprised of two main aspects: 

1. Simplifying the often-complex process of understanding the various factors that negatively influence one's thoughts and feelings and lead to "problematic behaviors." 

2. Including a simple and practical method of learning to think and act in a more beneficial manner.