Mike Scott

Raised in Del Mar, California, I spent my youth and adolescence involved and interested in athletics, academics and music. Following high school I went on to graduate from Brown University with a degree in business economics, after which I entered the commercial real estate industry in San Diego. I worked in sales for several years and then worked for a developer for several more, gaining understanding but finding the work and industry to be unsatisfying overall. Eventually I started shifting my professional life towards more service oriented work, starting with coaching, then personal training, and finally private tutoring.

I arrived at Families In Training as a result of seeking personal development for myself, and after making positive change and overcoming some challenges, realized that I could find purpose and joy in helping others to do the same. I began training as a team member in 2011. I live in Cardiff with my dog Jack and enjoy fitness, surfing, the outdoors and continual improvement and learning.